"REEDiculously Fit with Lisa in 7 Minutes"

Reed-iculously Fit with Lisa In 7 Minutes!

“Success is the sum of small efforts—repeated day in and day out.”

Six 7 Minute REEDiculously Fit Strength & Cardio Circuits:

  • Boot Camp
  • Lower Body
  • Fit to Fight
  • Upper Body
  • Perfect Posture & Stretch for Success
  • Total Body

PLUS Bonus Workout!

  • Awesome Abs

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DVD From Lisa Reed: Reed-iculously Fit with Lisa In 7 Minutes!

Live to be REEDiculously Fit!

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"Great dvd! fun and challenging !! Perfect combination!"
~Monica Seles - 53 Time WTA Singles Champion

"If you think you don’t have time to work out then think again; Get REEDiculosly Fit! with Lisa in Seven Minutes DVD was what worked for me as a new mom. It will rock your world. Lisa Reed hits all your major muscles groups in the Boot Camp, Total Body and Fit to Fight segments. Also, the upper body and lower body workouts are worth the fourteen minute investment of your time. You’ll be sore, trust me; then later you’ll wonder how such a short workout hit those muscles. And if you haven’t done abs in a while; whoa - the Awesome Ab track will challenge you. I have a newborn baby and the results have been remarkable because I keep going back!! Lisa’s cheerful voice and encouraging words get you to the finish line in every track. Everyone can finish a seven minute workout and if you can’t today then you’ll try it again tomorrow. It’s only a little amount of time to invest. Keep going back and don’t forget the Stretch for Success track. Lisa struck gold when she shared how to have proper posture. I use her technique daily to ensure proper posture and encourage (nag) my husband to do so also. I love this DVD and use it weekly."
~ Ashley, Alexandria, VA

"As a former competitive gymnast, fitness and my body image are extremely important to me. But, with my demanding job and my family to care for, my workouts often get put on the back burner. That’s why I started doing Lisa Reed's REEDiculously Fit in 7 min workouts. I do one of Lisa's circuit training workouts every morning before work. It’s amazing how she can pack such a great workout into only 7 mintues! I love how each workout burns out a different muscle group – I rotate them so I get in a total body workout by the end of each week. Thanks Lisa for making it so easy to stay strong and lean!"
~ Carla

"I've seen tremendous improvements in my strength and cardiovascular fitness level since starting Lisa's 7 minute circuits. Her expert workouts and motivational style really do produce results. I am proud to say that I am REEDiculously Fit!!!"

WE love LRF!!! My friend Erica contined to tell me that her hubby, Kirby, loved it because it wasn't directly targeted to women -- he even said that his abs were "burning" after the work out! Woo Hoo!

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